to stop self-defeating beliefs


Don't compare yourself with your surroundings.


Begin to work towards it.

Understand what accomplishment means to you.

Do what suits you, small or big it doesn't matter.

Kill your procrastination


Always remember showing up matters.

Even though you don’t feel like doing something, just be there.

You may end up writing a word, a sentence, or maybe a whole article.

Don’t believe your mind.


don’t believe your mind if it is stopping you from doing something wonderful.

Keep up with your work.

You never know, your work might inspire someone in some corner of the world.

Skip Conclusion.


Stop fixating your mind on the end result.

Put your mind into the process and the work.

Failure and success is not always in our hand but work is.

So keep on grinding and failing.

Build Relationship


I know it is hard, so start small.

Talk to your friends/friend and tell them exactly how you feel and what are you struggling with.

Join any community offline or Online just to see how they operate and interact.

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